The e-filing application will attempt to extract data from your document, upon the filer’s request and based on your user preference settings, for the purpose of auto-populating as many data fields on your filing as possible. As the filer, you must understand the following:

  • The data extraction may not be 100% accurate in extracting and auto-populating the exact data required of your filing. Several factors can affect accuracy including document complexity, document quality, and document format. It is the filer’s responsibility to review, and correct if necessary, any inaccurate or missing data that is required of your filing.
  • The process of extracting data from your document and auto-populating data fields can be time consuming, and you will need to allow for the process to complete in order to double-check the data before continuing and submitting your filing.
  • Should your document contain any sealed or private information that you don’t want extracted and auto-populated onto the filing screen, it is the filer’s responsibility to remove that data before submitting your filing.

If you would no longer like to use the data extraction feature, you can disable it by navigating to Settings > User Preferences and updating the preference “Enable Filing Data Auto-Extract” to “No, do not auto-extract”.