In the Los Angeles Civil e-Filing system, if the filer enters a Court Reservation System (CRS) number (or any other information) in the Court Reservation Number field in Section 3 of the filing in our system, the court will NOT access any unpaid fees per the court’s required configuration. They assume that the filer paid them at the time they reserved a hearing date in the Court’s Reservation System.

Court Reservation System (CRS) Number

If a filer has both a Court Reservation Number AND STILL needs to pay the associated fees, they will want to leave that Court Reservation Number field empty in Section 3. Then they can scroll to Section 4 – Filing Fees and click the Confirm Fee Calculation link to view the appropriate fees assessed per the document types they selected above.

Then, leave the clerk a note at the bottom of the filing with the Court Reservation Number, and explain to them you still need to pay the court fees which is why you didn’t enter the number in the filing above.

As always, do not forget to attach the receipt the Court Reservation System generates (CRS receipt) to the last page of your motion or lead document.