When a filer needs to pay a fee for a Motion or pay a First Paper/Appearance fee in Placer, CA’s Superior Court there are a few things to note:

If no First Paper/Appearance fee has been charged, most motions filed as such (no response, no answer) should assess the full First Paper fee.

However, there are four general Motions challenging jurisdiction which are exceptions, and should only charge a fee of $60.00 if the document is filed as the First Paper:

  1. Demurrer (Civil docs 401629 & 490420)
  2. Motion to Quash (Civil docs 401596 & 490395; Family doc 201102 & motion type ‘quash’)
  3. Motion to Strike (Civil docs 401609 & 490408; Family doc 201102 & motion type ‘Strike’)
  4. Motion for Change of Venue (Civil docs 401562 & 490361; Family doc 201102 & motion type ‘Change of Venue’)

If one of the Motions challenging jurisdiction is filed along with an Answer or Response, then only the First Paper fee should be assessed. This is because the party can opt to pay the First Paper fee and lodge an Answer or Response when filing their motion. 

The Answer or Response itself is not ‘filed’ until the Court rules on the Motion.