It should be noted that in the San Diego Civil and Probate courts, the filing clerk determines what fees to charge upon their acceptance of a filing. While our system will do its best to estimate the fees based on the Case Information and Document Types selected, our system will not be able to completely estimate the fees the filing clerk will choose to assess.

Estimate the Fees

To estimate the fees, click the Confirm Fee Calculation link in the Filing Fees section.
Estimate the Fees

  • The Court Fees Subtotal is the estimated amount San Diego’s E-filing Manager returns to our system
  • The Provider Service Fee is the amount our service charges for e-filing through our EFSP
  • The Payment Service Fee is the estimated convenience fee for using a credit card
    (ACH / Checking accounts will see a $1.00 fee)

Relay Relevant Information to the Filing Clerk

In the image above, our system estimated a $435.00 fee for the defendant on an Answer. If the defendant has already paid that fee, the filer has the option of pointing that fact out to the clerk. In the Review & Submit section of the filing, their is a Note to Clerk field that a filer may use to relay any relevant information to the court upon their review.

Note to Clerk

In this example, we are indicating to the filing clerk that the defendant already paid the $435 First Appearance Fee. However, the filer may want to point out that the fee should be $181, or anything else relevant.

While our system does its best to estimate the fees, and filers may leave the filing clerk a note, it is the filing clerk’s discretion as to what fees to assess upon the filing’s acceptance.

One other thing to note, the filing clerk will most likely already be aware of all fees a party has paid, needs to pay, and / or any relevant fees for the documents in a filing without the need for a note, but the filer is always welcome to leave one.