On rare occasions, a user may select service contacts that no longer exist in the Court’s electronic filing manager (EFM). This results in a Service Contact No Longer Exists error message. If the filer receives an error indicating that a selected service contact no longer exists upon submission of the filing, follow the below steps to resolve that error.

  1. In a filing, click the Save Draft link in the upper right corner of the filing screen.
  2. Sync your firm’s Service Contact list with the Court’s Service Contacts.
    • Click the Settings tab at top, then the Service Contacts tab on the left.
    • Click the Refresh link on the right. That makes sure all Service Contact information is in sync with the Court’s system.
    • Once refreshed, click the E-Filing tab in the upper left.
  3. Sync the case information with the Court’s system.
    • Navigate to the Case Information screen by clicking the case number or selecting the case from your Recent Case list on the left.
    • Click the Refresh link in the upper right to sync the case information/Service Contacts with the Court’s system.
    • The system displays a banner at the top of the screen confirming a successful refresh of the case.
  4. Return to your filing by clicking View My Filings in the upper right, then click the Filing ID you were previously working on.
  5. Review the information and submit the filing.