For users e-fiing into India’s Income Tax Department (, their system unlocks your account after five (5) unsuccessful log in attempts. You will want to call their helpline number to unlock it.

A list of contact numbers for the Income Tax Department of India can be found here:

Please note: is for help with the electronic filing of legal documents in the States of California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, and Texas ONLY.

We do not offer help or advise on Income Tax e-Filing at this time. Additionally, we can not reply to emails, questions, or inquiries regarding these services.

Login FAQs

1. Do I need my registered mobile number to login to the e-Filing Portal?
There are multiple ways to log in to the e-Filing portal. It is not necessary to have access to the registered mobile number.

2. Should my PAN be registered on the e-Filing portal?
The PAN entered in the textboxes should be registered in the e-Filing portal. If not, you will see with the following message – PAN does not exist, please register this PAN or try with some other PAN. If the e-Filing account linked to the PAN has been deactivated, please reactivate by reaching out to the helpdesk.

3. Will my account get locked if I enter an incorrect password?
Yes, the account will get locked after entering 5 unsuccessful passwords. The account can be unlocked by contacting the helpline number.

4. Do I need both my PAN and Aadhaar to login using Aadhaar OTP?
You can login using only Aadhaar provided that it is linked to your PAN.

5. Do all banks provide Net Banking facility to login to the e-Filing account?
Most of the nationally recognized banks provide this service for their customers. However, to be safe, it is recommended to check the bank’s website or contact the bank regarding the same. The list of recognized banks is available on the e-Filing portal after clicking on the Net Banking option.

6. I do not have mobile connectivity for OTP. How can I login to my e-Filing Account?
In case you do not have mobile connectivity, you may login with the below methods:

  • Static Password
  • Bank Account EVC (if you already have EVC)
  • Demat Account EVC (if you already have EVC)
  • DSC
  • Existing Aadhaar OTP

7. What is e-Filing vault? How does it help me?
e-Filing vault provides multi-factor authentication for login and password reset. You can choose from multiple options such as bank account EVC, demat account EVC and DSC to provide an extra step of authentication while logging in.

8. How has the Login service improved on the new portal?
Login now makes the second factor authentication mandatory for for all users to login to the e-Filing portal. The captcha has been removed to ensure hassle free login. Additionally, more options to login are made available like static password, login using Aadhaar (for individual taxpayers) and using ITD Mobile App.

9. I am an individual taxpayer. What is my user ID for login?
The user ID for individuals is PAN. Individual taxpayers who have linked their PAN with Aadhaar can also use Aadhaar number as their user ID.

10. What is the user ID for CA, ERI, External Agency, ITDREIN user and TIN 2.0 user?
The user ID for the above users are generated when they register in the e-Filing portal. The user ID are:

  • CA – ARCA followed by the 6-digit number generated during registration
  • ERI – ERIP followed by the 6-digit number generated during registration
  • External Agency – EXTA followed by the 6-digit number generated during registration
  • ITDREIN user – user ID generated during registration
  • TIN2.0 user – TINP followed by the 6-digit number generated during registration

11. What can I do if I think that my e-Filing account has been accessed by some unauthorized person?
If you think your e-Filing account may have been compromised or accessed in an unauthorized manner, then you may be a victim of cybercrime. Please report the incident to the concerned police or cyber-cell authorities as a first step. You may file an online criminal complaint / FIR by visiting, an initiative of Government of India to facilitate victims / complainants to report cybercrime complaints online. Any information pertaining to the alleged cybercrime will be shared by Income Tax Department with the relevant law enforcement authorities when so summoned under their statutory powers of investigation.
As a general precaution, please do not share your login credentials or other sensitive information.

12. How does Static Password help me in logging in to the e-Filing portal?
Static Password is helpful in areas with low / no network or no internet access. The already generated static password can be used to login.

13. Do I need my user ID and password for logging in to the e-Filing portal?
For most methods of login, the user ID and password is required for logging in to the e-Filing portal. In cases like Net Banking and logging in through the ITD Mobile App, the user ID and password is not required.

14. How can I login to the new portal if I do not have access to my e-Filing registered mobile number?
Two factor authentication will be disabled for the initial period. During the same time, you may login and ensure that you update your personal mobile number and email ID as primary contact in your profile to ensure hassle free login once the two factor authentication is enabled. For users willing to login using Aadhaar based OTP, ensure that your PAN is linked with Aadhaar and you have access to the Aadhaar linked mobile number.