When e-service fails in the State of Indiana, there are some things the filer may do to avoid these failures in the future.

Email systems have settings and limits that can cause e-service to fail, which means sometimes a person who you serve electronically may not receive your filing. If e-service fails, the e-filing system automatically tries a second time. If it fails again, as the filer, you will receive a message that the service could not be completed and the document must be served on paper to the specified recipients.

As a registered user of the Indiana E-filing System, you should take steps to increase the likelihood that you can receive all service directed to your email address. Contact your IT staff or email service provider and ask them to:

  • whitelist any email address that ends with @tylerhost.net and
  • increase the hourly or daily email limit

Additionally, please be sure to update your service contact information in each case you are involved in to make sure your service information is correct. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to out live chat support for more information.